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Smartphones, a constant evolution

It is only logical that, after a worldwide craze and an ever-increasing number of subscribers, the mobile phone is still trying to develop. If it’s not the speed that’s changing, it’s the components and the different technologies that are being revamped.

In France, the smartphone economy is in good shape. It has become an essential part of everyday and professional life. Today, communication is evolving rapidly.


Esim: how does it work & what are the advantages?

You have probably heard that e-SIM cards are becoming increasingly popular and that these digital SIM cards are opening up new possibilities for inter-operator communications for mobile phones. But what is an e-SIM card and which mobile phones support it?

The e-SIM is a digital variant of the ” classic ” physical SIM card and it works exactly the same way. But instead of your subscription or prepaid card information being stored on a small piece of plastic that you insert into your device, the e-SIM is already installed. You unlock, i.e. activate, your e-sim by scanning a QR code that you receive from your provider when you order an e-sim compatible subscription or prepaid card.

The exact way to activate your e-sim may vary slightly depending on the provider, the type of device and the manufacturer, as you can see at You can find the e-sim in mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches from the major manufacturers.

Mobile market, the competition is raging!

The market for mobile devices is a highly competitive one. Each provider is trying to get ahead of the game with well-defined methods. It is therefore wise to understand the behaviour and objectives of your customers and prospects as well as the market trends.

Market leading brands

The mobile phone market has many models manufactured by companies that are recognised as leaders in the industry.

Chinese smartphones

While Chinese mobile devices used to be a concern for their supposed bad quality, some of them managed to become a reference during the recent years.

Top sellers

Find the most popular mobiles among users as well as the most popular brands, according to data provided by experts.


Connectivity & internet

Habits for a reliable, user-friendly and fast internet connection.

Digital security

Daily reflexes to block malicious acts and ensure your digital security.


Li-Fi is a wireless communication technology based on the use of visible light

Essential accessories for your smartphone

Covers, headsets and protectors are just a few examples of the essential accessories that make using your mobile device more convenient. They enhance the functions of your smartphone and are a good tool for customisation.

Trends in the use of mobile applications

The world is changing and so are mobile trends. Depending on the situation, some programs are more popular than others. Discover the most popular applications and technologies of the past few months to improve your daily life and your professional environment.